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Manufacturing is initiated by right clicking on any of the different Manufacturing Terminals and choosing Operate from the interaction menu. In order to manufacture an item you must first have the appropriate Blueprint and required raw materials. The blueprint Item Info

Basic Blueprints can be bought from Technician NPCs. More advanced Blueprints can be found at the auction. Blueprints must then be stored in special Blueprint Books which are available from the Technician NPC. Blueprints can be stored in Blueprint Books by dragging a blueprint into its appropriate book inside your Inventory


Once you have the Blueprint of the item you wish to manufacture you are ready to begin the manufacturing process.

Raw materials can be mined, bought from the auction or shops, or purchased through direct trade with other avatars. Most raw materials will need to be refined in order to be used in the manufacturing process.


A Refiner tool is used to refine raw materials into useful manufacturing elements, e.g. refining Iron Ore into Iron Ingots. The refiner accepts any number of input materials. When refining, deterioration is calculated on each produced item.

Component Manufacturing Terminal:


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