Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Manufacturing Process

Access the Manufacturing Terminal for the item you wish to manufacture by right clicking on it and choosing Operate from the interaction menu. There are different terminals for weapons manufacturing, tool manufacturing, armor manufacturing, tailoring etc. The terminals are located in all the major settlements on Calypso.

Once you have accessed the correct terminal, the
Manufacturing Panel will appear in green. If you do not have enough, the text will be displayed in red. For clothing and armor, select the gender of the item using the male and female radio buttons on the Manufacturing Panel. To manufacture the item, click the Manufacture button. To start over, choose Clear. To cancel, choose Exit.

On the bottom-left side of the Manufacturing Panel is the success rate indicator. You have the highest rate of success when the bar is full and green. When red, the success rate on the selected item is low, with a scale in between. Higher blueprint Quality Rating and avatar skills will increase the success rate.

The Quantity/Condition slider allows the manufacturer the option of making fewer items with a higher initial condition (which can be important when making 'Limited' items) or a larger number of items with a lower condition.

If you have the correct left-over residue from previous manufacturing attempts you may add it to the input materials section in the Manufacturing Panel. Residue will then be used in any following successful attempts to boost the item condition. Residue materials that are not detailed in the blueprint ingredient list cannot be used. Failure when manufacturing an item will not waste residue. The boosted item condition does not contribute to the value when determining a Hall of Fame entry.


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