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Billy's Spaceship Afterworld

Located at 8130,10544, Billy's Spaceship Afterworld is part of the Noob Triangle, which consists of the area within a triangle formed by Port Atlantis, Billy's Spaceship Afterworld, and Zychion Citadel. It has a service center, and most terminals, with the exception of a Storage Terminal. There is a popular Pentagon, where you can often see (or do) some PvP fighting. As the name implies, Billy's is a junkyard, so there are plenty of old broken-down spaceships lying around. Look for the sign near the teleporter with a picture of Billy, and a bit of Calypsan history, as well as a skeleton inside one of the ships.


  • Revival Terminals
  • Repair Terminals
  • Trade Terminal


To the east, there is a nice lower-level hunting area, with numerous Snablesnot, Berycled and Sabakuma, while to the west-northwest you will find more Berycled, and Cornundos.


Around Billys Afterworld is also a good area for less-experienced miners. The best area is to the north of Billy's Spaceship Afterworld, in the mountains. However, it is still possible to find some resources in other places.


The sign reads: This faded photograph is all that remains of one of the original settlers known only as "Billy". Here seen posing in front of the settlement to this day. Battling mutant raiders througouht his life, he was a legendary figure of the fronteir during the rough old days. He was finally killed in an epic shootout with the whites of orthos, boots on and gun in hand.

It is thought that the phrase "whites of orthos" refers to the Umbranoids that are north-west of Orthos West Mound.

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Atlas Island South

Situated on the southwestern tip of Atlas Island at 10490, 14950, Atlas Island South is the local Teleporter to the Atlas Haven West estate area. Abundant small mobs between this outpost and Atlas Haven make this area popular with low level hunters.


Facilities here are limited to Revival Terminal, Trade Terminal and Repair Terminal.


Creatures that can be found near Tethys Creek.

North n/a see Tethys Creek
South Feffoid, Tripudion
East Tantardion, Tantillion, Turp, Snablesnot
West Araneatrox, Feffoid

Getting to Atlas Island South

Running westsouthwest from Atlas Haven is a popular route with some good low level hunting on the way. South from Tethys Creek, if you already have it, would be the shortest route. Other possible routes are northnorthwest from Fort Fury, northwest from Fort Meduza or eastsoutheast from Hadesheim Outpost.

Of Interest

  • Atlas Haven West is a small village of avatar-owned property and a few shopkeepers to the north of Atlas Island South.
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Atlas Island North

Situated on the northern tip of Atlas Island at 12580, 17215, Atlas Island North is an Outpost with a Teleporter. Used as a base for hunting expeditions, particularly for Snarksnots. Also a starting point for the Argus Run via the unnamed outpost to the north at 12460, 17970.


Facilities here are limited to Revival Terminal, Trade Terminal and Repair Terminal.


Creatures that can be found near Atlas Island North.

North Snarksot, Faucervix, (via outpost) Atrox, Feffoid
South Snablesnot, Exarosaur
East Snarksnot, Molisk, Sabakuma, Snablesnot
West Atrox, Allophyl, Estophyl

Getting to Atlas Island North

Run north from Atlas Haven.

Of Interest

  • Good hunting (at least when the Snarks are looting well).
  • Unnamed outpost to the north also provides good hunting and is a good point to attempt the run to Fort Argus.
  • Dino skeleton to the south.
  • Abandoned camp to the west at 12246, 17000.
  • Some scenic landscape veiws and a number of bridges nearby.
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Atlas Haven West

Atlas Haven West is an estate area east of Atlas Island South.

Getting to Atlas Haven West

Just walk north from Atlas Island South.

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Atlas Haven

Situated in the center of Atlas Island at 12390, 15840, Atlas Haven is a large town with most facilities available. Its surroundings are good for newer players.


  • Revival Terminal
  • Trade Terminal
  • Repair Terminal
  • Society Terminal
  • Crafting Machines
  • Stable
  • Storage


Creatures that can be found near Atlas Haven.

North Snablesnot, Daikiba, Exarosaur
South Tantardion, Tantillion, Turp
East Snablesnot, Snarg
West Tantardion, Tantillion, Turp

Getting to Atlas Haven

Run north from Fort Meduza or west from Aegis Mound.

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Aegis Mound


Located at 14500, 16020, Aegis Mound is a small outpost with a nearby Teleporter.


Facilities are limited, as with most outposts. There is terminal building with Revival Terminal, Repair Terminal and Trade Terminal only.

There are no storage or manufacturing facilities and no Auctioneer or Technician.


Creatures that can be found near Aegis Mound:

North: Fugabarba, Sabakuma, Molisk, Foul
South: Turp, Cornundacauda, Caudatergus, Gibnib
East: Umbranoid, Fugabarba
West: Faucervix, Snarg, Snablesnot

Of Interest

  • Some battle debris around the outpost.
  • Umbranoid village to the east.

Getting There

If you already have Chimera Canyons, run west from there. Failing that, run east from Atlas Haven via the bridge at 13230, 15760. Alternatively, run north from Fort Ares.

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